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Your wedding ceremony is first and foremost a reflection of God's great love for all of humanity and creation. In that spirit, be prayerful about your desire to have a wedding in the house of God and in the church of Jesus Christ. May you be blessed in your preparation and discernment. 

We want to assist you in every way possible to put sacred meaning into your marriage ceremony.
The Service of Christian Marriage is meant to be a prayerful, inspiring and a time for celebraton. It is a time for the worship of our Loving God in Christ Jesus, the exchange of commitment through vows and rings and the blessing of the couple as a lifetime of fidelity is begun.

You are including your families and friends into a powerful moment in your lives. You are planning the establishment of a sacramental home; the lifelong basis for your marriage. It is your wedding, and we want to make it all that it can be.

A more detailed wedding packet will be made available to couples upon further interest in reserving the services of our pastor,  the sanctuary, Wedding Guild, staff and associated areas.  Please call the office with any questions and the scheduling of your blessed event at 1-847-742-6365.

How are weddings scheduled?
By the Church Office Manager in conjunction with the Pastor's schedule.  The church makes every attempt to accommodate wedding schedules but church programs already scheduled take priority. Weddings during Holy Week (Palm Sunday through Easter Day) and all holidays should be avoided.
Can non-members use the church?
Yes.  Non-members are strongly encouraged to attend a service of worship at First Presbyterian Church  before the scheduled date of the wedding.  
Do we have to do counseling?
All couples being married shall have an interview with the Pastor for purposes of marriage preparation.  A variety of topics will be discussed. The Pastor and the couple shall determine the frequency and schedule of the pre-marital preparation sessions.
What about music?
The church's organist/accompanist will provide appropriate music to the Service of Christian Marriage.  The couple is responsible for contacting the musician through the church office and/or pastor to plan music for the ceremony between two to four weeks before the ceremony.  Other musicians will need to be negotiated through conversations with the pastor and/or the Music Director.
Do we rehearse or just "go for it"?
Having a rehearsal before the wedding ceremony is ultimately a good and necessary event.  The rehearsal is traditionally scheduled in the late afternoon or early evening just previous to the wedding.
Flowers, decorations, candles?
The sanctuary can be decorated simply and appropriately. Flowers and decorations are most welcome.  See the  specifications in the wedding policy for more details. Candles can be used in appropriate holders and on the Communion table.   

Is alcohol allowed anywhere?
No. The serving or consumption of alcohol in any form is strictly forbidden on the church grounds, parking lot and building at the rehearsal and ceremony.

For more information please contact the church office at 1-847-742-6365

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